Kannastore 2.2″ 4 piece Grinder


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The Kannastor grinder features a magnetic airtight lid to secure your dry herbs in place. The unique drop-thru hole design ensures that ground herbs with just the right size fall through the hole and into the container below. No over-shredding! The Kannastor ensures a secure grip with the grooved external edges. The grinder teeth are also designed for efficient and consistent grinding performance.

Grinder Features:
Size: 1.5″ | 2.2″ | 2.5″
Easy Change Screen™
Engineered drop through design prevents over shredding
Modular by Design
Made from 61/60 Anodized Food Grade Aluminum
Limited Lifetime Warranty
How it Works:
Put your favourite herb inside and turn the lid. Busted Cannabis will fall into the bottom flower storage compartment, where a sifting screen will allow all the fine Pollen and kief to fall into a second storage compartment in the bottom.

What’s in the Box:
1x – Solid Top & Body 4-Piece Grinder by Kannastor
1x – Pollen Pick
1x – Carrying Bag

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