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The Mamba is equipped with razor-sharp teeth to give you the perfect grind and texture – with minimum effort – all at the push of a button! Your customers will love its ease-just fill, close, and press the button. This premium electric grinder is 20 X faster than the normal, manual hand grinders you may be used to. Giving you a heap of herb in seconds – grinds up to 0.5g at a time. A powerful 600 amp motor with a forward/reverse switch ensures the perfect grind, never jamming. Airplane-grade aluminium teeth and a removable see-through spout deliver ground herb directly where you want it. With great design-function compatibility, the Mamba is perfect for those suffering from hand RSI, wrist strain, Fibromyalgia and other hand and wrist problems – take it easy and enjoy the perfect grind without the effort!

Electronic Grinder Features:
Stylish and Lightweight
Razor-Sharp Teeth
0.6amp Motor
Grinds up to 0.5g at a time
Airplane-grade aluminium
Quality Guaranteed
Requires 4 x AA batteries (Not Included)
How it Works:
Insert (4) AA Batteries (Not Included). Fill The Mamba Electric Grinder with the herb of your choice. Close the lid and press the rocker button to grind.

What’s in the Box:
1x – Mamba Electric Grinder
2x – Poker Tools
2x – Scrappers

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