18″ My Bong Classic Beaker Bong


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This is simple uni color beauty bong by My bong Glass made from the finest 5 mm thick quality borosilicate glass. There are three ice notches that allow the user to cool the smoke before reaching the thick colored mouthpiece.
The glass bong stands at 18 inch tall and it comes with a matching color 14/18 mm slitted diffuser and a 14 mm glass bowl. The My bong Glass logo is tastefully printed onto the main tube.
Quality Borosilicate Glass
Height : 18″
Thickness : 5 mm
Tube : 2″ Diameter
Base : 5″ Diameter
Bowl for 14 mm female joint & 3 pinched Ice Catcher
Maching color diffused Downstem 5 3/4″ (Neck Joint 18 mm / Bowl Joint 14 mm)
3 Pieces

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